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When God Shows Up Fewer People Die

What does it take for ordinary men and women to become heroes? We often see stories in the news where people find the courage and the strength to put their lives on the line for others in harm's way, but sometimes there's more to the story. When God Shows Up, Fewer People Die shares a story of God's miraculous intervention into a harrowing situation, where his presence and guidance helped one young woman become a hero. Inspired by a true story, author Laurel Black shares the dramatic narrative of an apartment complex locked down because of an active shooter. While authorities work to take control of the situation, it would be God's hand that would guide a young woman to save many lives.It takes courage to become a hero, but it also takes faith and God's great power and protection. When God Shows Up, Fewer People Die is a story of God's presence in one of the worst circumstances, and it shows how God can make everything good for those who love him.
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